Sword Blocking Combat

147,235 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 28, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

For Minecraft 1.14 and newer Sword Blocking Combat requires Material Master as a dependency.

You miss the old combat? Yeah, we all do. Well, time to bring it back I guess. Say goodbye to the attack cooldown and hello spam clicking! Also welcome back useful mechanics such as sword blocking and a healing system that doesn't regenerate your whole health in a matter of seconds.

But wait, you want to let's say keep the attack cooldown, but you also want to have sword blocking? Don't worry, that's completely fine as this mod is highly customisable.


There are so many features aimed at improving and refining combat included with this mod, it has therefor been split into multiple modules to provide as much configuration as possible.


Well, sword blocking is back, what more is there to say really? It looks the same, it functions the same, ... Simply put it's just as equally awesome as it was back in the day.

  • block incoming attacks to prevent about half the damage (configurable) while wielding any type of sword
  • nullify an attack like when using a shield by timing your block just right
  • include modded swords that don't extend vanilla ones
  • exclude modded swords which already have a right-click functionality
  • blocking does not decrease the sword's durability (configurable)
  • when holding a useable item in the offhand (e. g. food, bow, shield) this item will be prioritised instead of blocking (configurable)
  • require both hands for blocking (disabled by default)
  • deflect projectiles like shields do (disabled by default)


The attack cooldown is gone! And this isn't just some simple knockoff constantly resetting the cooldown value.

Everything is back to how it used to be before the Combat Update, no cooldown animation, no attack indicator, no traces of any attack speed left anywhere. Just as if it never even existed.

And there is more!

  • restored pre-Combat Update attack damage values to weapons and tools
  • sprinting is more effective when attacking
  • the sharpness enchantment is more effective, adding 1.25 attack damage per level instead of 0.5
  • sweeping edge is required for a sweeping attack to trigger
  • old fishing rod behaviour: deals knockback to entities, reeling in an entity causes a slight upwards motion
  • armor worn by entities turns red when they receive damage


While restoring old mechanics, this mod also makes some of the features found in recently released Combat Test Snapshots available to everyone right now.

  • fire tridents from dispensers
  • repair tridents with prismarine shards in an anvil
  • loyal tridents thrown into the void will return to their owner
  • tridents remember the exact slot they were thrown from
  • no damage immunity from projectiles; makes multishot crossbows and many modded weapons work properly on a single target
  • impaling enchantment works on any mob in contact with water or rain
  • no warm-up delay for shields
  • shield indicator, configureable to show either on hotbar or crosshair
  • usage cooldown on configurable items, snowballs and eggs have a cooldown of 4 ticks by default
  • hit mobs through blocks without a collision shape such as grass without breaking the block
  • coyote time for interacting with an entity for a number of ticks after no longer aiming at it (disabled by default)
  • hold down the attack key to attack automatically whenever possible (disabled by default)
  • improved arm swing animation to emphasize the rhythm of the attacks
  • item projectiles like snowballs and ender pearls pass through blocks without a collision shape and deal knockback to players
  • the attack timer is now unaffected by switching items, only resetting when the player actually performs an attack
  • knockback resistance is turned into a scale instead of being random, also makes knockback have an upwards tendency (disabled by default)
  • fix for MC-147694: Mobs don't do knockback when blocking with shield

This module is not available for Minecraft 1.12.


Choose between the food system from the pre-Combat Update update era, the current one and the one from Combat Test Snapshots. Or configure your own! But most of all prevent surplus saturation from triggering a ridiculously fast regeneration boost.

  • up to how many food points regenerating health is still possible
  • amount of ticks between regenerating health
  • regenerate health from food instead of saturation
  • time it takes to consume a food item
  • food level required to be able to sprint


Other cool mods that go rather well with this one:

For this mod to fully function it needs to be installed on both the client and server.


Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com.



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