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- Concrete Slabs, Stairs & Walls

- Concrete Vertical Slabs

- Concrete Fences & Fence gates

- Concrete Ladders

- Concrete Buttons, Pressure Plates & Lever

- Concrete Signs (can be placed on ceilings and floors as well as walls, right click with dye to change text color)

- Concrete Cake?? (looks like cake, tastes like cake, but hurts a lot more if it falls on your head)

- Concrete Powder Layers


- Most recipes are identical to vanilla Minecraft's corresponding blocks.
- Each set of variants can be enabled/disabled via config options.
- Variations use vanilla textures, so all blocks are compatible with resource packs.


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Modpack Usage

Feel free to use this mod in modpacks! Let me know if you do, I'd love to check them out :)



If you run into bugs or compatibility issues, the github issue tracker is the best place to make sure they get seen. Would also love to hear from you if you have suggestions for enhancements or new features.