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Filename Survive-1.18.2-7.0.5-deobf.jar
Uploaded by Stereowalker
Uploaded Jul 3, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +1
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MD5 254a4e568b2905b9947f438c37a18eb3
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[7.0.5] - Reduced the amount of resistance gained per point from C.O.M.B.A.T Stats - Re-enabled Origins compatibility and added a Cold Blooded power to the Merling Origin

[7.0.4] - Updated C.O.M.B.A.T Spells and Stats - Changed the default textures for the temperature bars - Fix drinking unclean water not triggering the wellbeing debuffs - Added the Survival Guide (Use Patchouli to see the book)

[7.0.3] - Used newer JEI methods - Updated ruru.json (Credits to jolopapina) - Corrected the comment on "Idle Thirst Exhaustion" - Added animal fat to the "minecraft:animalfat" tag and used it in soap crafting - Animal fat drops from animals can be disabled in the server config

[7.0.2] - Fixed inability to collect/drink from water block - Added a purified water fluid tag - Canteen fill is now handled by the empty canteen item code and not packets - Hyp(o/er)thermia consumes 10x more stamina and stops consuming stamina at 30% energy

[7.0.1] - Updated UnionLib to 7.1.1 - Updated Forge to 4.1.0

[7.0.0] - Hyp(o/er)thermia now consumes stamina, ticks less often, deals 0.8 points of damage instead of 1.0 and stops at 28% health instead of 25% - Made the experimental temperature features the default while the old one is now the legacy one. This will be removed in a later update - Ported to 1.18.2 and updated to UnionLib v7.0.0

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