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Filename Survive-1.18.1-6.1.6.jar
Uploaded by Stereowalker
Uploaded Feb 8, 2022
Game Version 1.18.1   +1
Size 463.66 KB
Downloads 636
MD5 eeb3126da31d7be78086021b40fd7f34
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- Fix Potash Solution crafting duplicating Glass Bottles
- Gave the Charcoal Filter a durability of 10
- Restore previous charcoal filtering recipe for the bucket and bowl
- Increased Potash drop chance when left under the sun
- Fix Potash not spawning in the middle of the cauldron
- Fix washcloths and sponges not actually cleaning the player

- Fix the player becoming instantly clean when wet
- Made the squeaky clean status last for a lesser amount of time
- Fixed immediately getting hyp(o/er)thermia in experimental settings
- Updated ru_ru.json (Credits to mirkiv224)
- Charcoal filtering recipes are now shown in JEI
- Used a shapeless recipe instead of a charcoal filter one for purified water buckets and bowls
- Fixed potions being smeltable in a furnace
- Fixed purified water block model
- Cause sickness in the player if too much bad water is consumed
- Fix experimental hyp(o/er)thermia not dealing damage. It should now reduce health up to 1/4 of your max health

- Added a recipe for the thermometer
- Getting wet in a cold ocean will lower your temperature by an extra 50%
- Getting wet in a frozen ocean, frozen peaks, frozen river, ice spikes and any of the vanilla snowy biomes will drop your temperature twice as fast

- Made getting wet in a desert less effective
- Allowed the modifier for wetness to be adjustable via datapacks
- Being underwater increases the rate the player accumulates wetness
- Avoided checking the player's temperature if they're no longer alive
- Update vi_vn.json (Thanks to AnLeRIP2310)

- Made ice cubes drop only when pickaxes are used

- Update zh_cn.json (Thanks to StarchierOrb)
- Updated translation files to include the depreciated hypo/hyperthermia effect

- Temperature, Thirst & Stamina overlay is now handled by the forge overlay system
- Removed an extra pixel in the energy bars
- Re-added support for serene seasons
- Split temperature modifiers between internal and environmental modifiers
- Added a thermometer
- Prevented Hygiene related recipes from loading if hygiene is disabled

- Fix crash when using UnionLib 6.1.5

- Made initial port to 1.18.1

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Survive-1.18.1-6.1.6-sources.jar 135.41 KB Feb 8, 2022
Survive-1.18.1-6.1.6-deobf.jar 454.67 KB Feb 8, 2022

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