Surely Enough Items

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Surely enough items is an implementation of VoxelGet / TooManyItems for Legacy Fabric. It currently supports 1.8.9. This mod is not complete, as such it might be very unstable and have lots of bugs.

It's pretty lightweight, and it doesn't need legacy fabric api



  • Item list for most container screens
  • Arrow keys to navigate between pages
  • Buttons at the top to help navigate(Except the Creative inventory and Survival inventory)
  • Clicking on an item gives you a full stack


In order for it to work, you must be op or have cheats enabled. 


This project requires Legacy Fabric for 1.8.9! You can find the installer at in the readme

Even though this mod runs on 1.8.9, you will need at least Java 8 to run. Java 6 and 7 are not supported by this mod, or legacy fabric


Planned features:-

  • Recipe viewing
  • Better way to handle giving items



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