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 SuperMartijn642's Config Lib

SuperMartijn642's Config Lib allows you to specify a config once and it then handles reloading values between world loads, syncing values with clients, and generating values for client- or server-only on its own.




Creating a config:


A config is created using a ModConfigBuilder.

Simply create a new instance using #ModConfigBuilder().


   ModConfigBuilder builder = new ModConfigBuilder();


A value can be added to the config with ModConfigBuilder#define which takes a name and a default value.

For integer and double values a minimum and maximum value are also required.

Test code block;


ModConfigBuilder#define returns a Supplier which should be stored to retrieve the value from the config.


   Supplier<Boolean> booleanValue = builder.define( "booleanValue", true );

   Supplier<Integer> integerValue = builder.define( "integerValue", 5, 0, 10 );

   Supplier<Double> doubleValue = builder.define( "doubleValue", 0.5, 0, 1);

   Supplier<ExampleEnum> enumValue = builder.define( "enumValue", ExampleEnum.VALUE_1 );


A comment can be added to a value by calling ModConfigBuilder#comment(String) before defining the value.


   Supplier<Boolean> valueWithComment = builder.comment( "this is a comment for 'valueWithComment'" ).define( "valueWithComment ", true );


By default values are reloaded when world is loaded.

This can be changed to only reload a value when Minecraft launches by calling ModConfigBuilder#gameRestart() before defining the value.


   Supplier<Boolean> notReloadedValue = builder.comment( "this is value will not be reloaded" ).define( "notReloadedValue", true );


Values in COMMON or SERVER configs are synchronized with clients by default, to prevent this use ModConfigBuilder#dontSync().


   Supplier<Boolean> notSynchronizedValue = builder.comment( "this is value will not be synchronized" ).define( "notSynchronizedValue", true );


Values can also be put into categories.

ModConfigBuilder#push(String) pushes a category and ModConfigBuilder#pop() pops a category.


   builder.push( "special" );

   Supplier<Boolean> specialValuebuilder.comment( "this value is in the 'special' category" ).define( "specialValue", true );



A comment can be added to the active category using ModConfigBuilder#categoryComment(String).


   builder.push( "client" ).categoryComment( "this, is a comment for the 'client' category" );


After defining all values ModConfigBuilder#build() must be called to finish the config.




Now the values in your config will reloaded and synced automatically and the values can be retrieved using the stored Supplier instances.

This will work for all available versions, that includes Minecraft 1.12, 1.14, 1.15, and 1.16




Example Mod:


For a concrete example of how to use Config Lib checkout the example mod.





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Legal Stuff

SuperMartijn642's Config Lib is the property of SuperMartijn642 and is protected under copyright law and may not be altered or reuploaded without direct permission from SuperMartijn642.