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Do you think that Minecraft doesn't have enouth animals. Well dont worry! Because Super Mobestiary will add lots of new animals along with new fantasy creatures.

There are total of 46 mobs.

The mod adds cratures such as...

Penguins that can spawn in cold biomes.
Cookie-cutter sharks that will attack ocean life in the deep ocean.

And fantasy creatures like stroitler that can spawn in basalt deltas. And much much more





Creator of the mod and turkish translator: PortakalCevheri#7362
French translator: Poulpo#5095
Spanish translator: Bronux788#3631
Helping with some sounds: furkankskn#5526
Helping with some textures: eris#0099
Idea machine: Park the skill issue#4001



Q: Do you take suggestions?
A: Yes i do. You can post them in our discord server, in #ideas channel.

Q: Is this an Alex's Mobs rip-off?
A: We want this mod to go hand in hand with alex's mobs but we also want to make it more different by adding more fantasy creatures.

Q: Will you add custom animations?
A: I know that there is a new geckolib plugin for Mcreator goin around. I tried it (alot) but it just didn't worked. And if it did worked it still doesn't render 2d parts on entity models.


Some links:

Discord: https://discord.gg/wHEe43QmGe
Reddit (wanted by the community): https://www.reddit.com/r/SuperMobestiary/