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Requires Blueprint Requires GeckoLib


Sully’s Mod started out a few years ago when I decided to try and make a mod. I couldn’t think of a name and called it the first name that came to my head as a placeholder “Sully”, the name stuck and now people think my name is actually Sully. Back then it was made with MCreator and combined with the fact that I back then didn’t have a good understanding of vanilla feel, it became more limited each version. I decided to completely revamp the mod, completely dumping the MCreator version and getting a coding team (Uraneptus and MiteBeMana). With each feature I try to think it out as well as I can, making sure the feature is well-balanced, feels fun to play with and overall just feels like something new. It tries it’s best to feel like a Minecraft update full of random features. The mod is planned to have features for every player, explorers, builders and redstone engineers.


📝Current Features:

[Disclaimer the mod is currently in it's beta so many features are not yet implemented, check out this doc if you want to know more about the planned features: Planned]

- Jade
- Jade Flinger Totem

- Jade Shield

- Jade Horse Armor

- Copper Buttons

- Lanternfish

- Tortoise

- Tortoise Shell

- Bouldering Zombie

- Jungle Spider


If you want to know more about the individual features, check our wiki out: Sully's Mod Wiki

💼 Dev team:

Sully: Art, Animations, Game Design, Sound Design [Twitter]

Uraneptus: Code, Additional Sound Design, Mod Icon/Banner, Documentation [Twitter]

MiteBeMana: Code, Additional Game Design [Twitter]

KekeCreations: Code [Twitter]


A full list of all Contributors can be found here: Credits Page


"What is planned for the remake?"

- Here is a doc with all of the planned concepts that are done: Google Doc

There is more to come though!


"Why are you remaking the mod?"

Check this twitter thread out 


"For which minecraft version will the mod be remade?"

- 1.18+. A backport is not planned! 


"When will you update to [insert mc version] ?"

- We will eventually, but we can't give you an ETA! 


"How does this feature work? / Why doesn't [...] work?"

- Please read the wiki before asking questions like this, if you haven't found your answer there, feel free to ask in our discord or in the comments below!