Subtitle Blocker

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Subtitle Blocker

If you're like me, you play with subtitles on all the time. Sometimes, there's way too many subtitles on your screen though and not much you can do about it.
Tired of seeing a constant stream of "Chicken Clucks" around your chicken farm, or don't want to see "Rain falls" when it's raining?
Don't want to use a mod to disable the sounds themselves, but don't want to see the subtitles?
This is the mod for you!

By pressing the appropriate keybind (- by default) you can open a Gui to select what subtitles you no longer want to see on your screen. You can search for which subtitles you want to block by their translated name and click them to toggle them on or off! Subtitles that are blocked will appear red.
You can press the button in the top right to view your blocked subtitles, allowing you to easily turn them back on if you want them to appear again.

Showcase Vid:

This mod is compatible with every mod that adds subtitles, meaning you can select subtitles from other mods to turn them on or off!

Selections are saved per profile, meaning every world that uses that profile will keep those subtitles blocked!

This mod is a client-only forge mod.



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