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Styled Nicknames

It's a configurable mod allowing your server's players (and admins) to change their nickname with full Simplified Text Formatting support. It supports LuckPerms, PlayerRoles or any other fabric permission api compatible mod, with automatic removal of nicknames for players without permissions. If you have any questions, you can ask them on my Discord

Commands (and permissions):

  • /styled-nicknames - Main command (stylednicknames.main, available by default)
  • /styled-nicknames reload - Reloads configuration (requires stylednicknames.reload)
  • /styled-nicknames set <player> <value> - Changes target players nickname (requires stylednicknames.change_others)
  • /styled-nicknames clears <player> - Clears target players nickname (requires stylednicknames.change_others)
  • /nickname set <value>//nick set <value> - Changes own nickname (requires stylednicknames.use)
  • /nickname clear//nick clear - Clears own nickname (requires stylednicknames.use)


You can find config file in ./config/styled-nicknames.jsonFormatting uses PlaceholderAPI's Simplified Text Format for which docs you can find here.

    "allowByDefault": false,           // Enables player commands by default
    "defaultPrefix": "#",              // Default prefix of nickname
    "maxLength": 32,                   // Max length (without formatting) of the nickname, set to 0 to disable it 
    "changeDisplayName": true,         // Changes player's display name
    "changePlayerListName": false,     // Changes nickname in player list (This option will be incompatible with some mods, use placeholder instead when possible)
    "allowLegacyFormatting": false,    // Allows usage of legacy text format in nicknames (&X)
    "nicknameChangedMessage": "...",   // Message send after changing nickname
    "nicknameResetMessage": "...",     // Message send after clearing nickname
    "defaultEnabledFormatting": {
      /*"tagname": value*/                // These values allow you to change tags enabled by default


To use commands/permissions, players require stylednicknames.use to use commands and optionally permissions stylednicknames.format.[tag_name] ([tagname] is Simplified Text Format tag), for additional formatting.

You can also give stylednicknames.ignore_limit to disable nickname length limit for them (which already ignores tags).

You should also give stylednicknames.change_others permission to your admins, so they can remove bad nickname