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Filename structurize-0.13.30-BETA.jar
Uploaded by OrionOnline
Uploaded Jul 29, 2020
Game Version 1.16.1
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MD5 de0e666ea6067c26c3380d4281c28439
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Minecolonies Changelog

Version: 0.13.30-BETA

  • hotfix entity detection
  • Bump forge + mappings, deny compass rendering when inside item frame, fix java 11 error
  • hotfix derp
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/version/1.16' into version/1.16
  • Fix rendering crash
  • fix entity placement and detection
  • fix 179 too
  • Forge, mappings upgrade
  • Another blit attemp, fix keyboard events keep firing through text fields
  • Fix derp
  • Enable and adjust optifine, rework box and tag rendering
  • Remove overengineering
  • Fix last 1.15 merge, fixed image blit issue
  • Push 1.15 changes to 1.16 branch (#176)

TODO: gonna fix build errors in upcoming commit

  • Fix door being counted twice during item counting of a structure

  • Add tooltip rendering to all panes (#173)

Add tooltip rendering to all panes

  • Make shingle slabs water loggable like other slabs (#174)

Updates all shingle slabs to allow them to be placed / saturated in water like similar slabs and partial blocks.

Co-authored-by: Raycoms Co-authored-by: someaddons Co-authored-by: Alex Graham * format * Porting to newer version of forge and mappings * remove files * Bug fixes * Finish porting, bug fixes now * Some progress * Not nice to see you 1.16 * Fix cactus door duplication in loot_table (#166) * Update build.gradle * Feature/better doc (#164)

Some doc improvements Player support * Activating the new buildsystem. * Update build.gradle * Update build.gradle * Update build.gradle * fix block removal (#161)

  • fix block removal
  • fix removing code
  • Prevents blocks from connecting to the substitution block (#160)

Prevents blocks from connecting to the substitution block * Bump optifine, add resources listener for clearing renderer cache (#158)

Add resources listener for clearing blueprint renderer cache, unfortunately it does not fix shader problems, entire mc reload required after changing optifine shaders * hotfix if check * Made bp renderer cache a bit more flawless

No bugs fixed, just a bit nicer logic * Implements a tag hierarchy (#145)

The tags for timber frames are reversed in naming, i.e. they are grouped by center material and then by frame material * Closes #155 * Cleanup + random fixes, bump mappings and forge (#154)

Remove some code warnings, fix some potential bugs, bump mappings and forge * Fix correct solid substitution handling * Allow fluid interaction * Render stacks (#147)

Draws itemStack hover effects for all itemstacks small inv consumption fix fix banner request small fix * Updates the Light Substitution block to fix issue with mirrored recipes (#150)

Signed-off-by: Mark E. Schill * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/version/1.15' into version/1.15 * Fixes the smelting of cactus into green_dye (#149)

Signed-off-by: Mark E. Schill * fix tileEntityPlacement * armour detection and request * Placement rework (#137)

Mayor overhaul of placement handling:

Remove "Structure" class.

Add new StructureIterator class which is used to iterate over a structure. Add StructureHandler interface and simple implementation to handle structure placement with nice callbacks * HotFix getPos crash outside of dev * HotFix message server crash * Adds item tags (#141)

Signed-off-by: Mark E. Schill * HotFix compile * Changed recipe for dyed shingles and slabs to be 1 dye : 8 shingles (#134)

  • Changed recipe for dyed shingles and slabs to be 1 dye : 8 shingles
  • Adds a tool to tag blocks within a schematic (#136)

Adds the ability to tag blocks in a schematic with strings. The data is saved in anchour TE's which implement the IBlueprintDataProvider interface. For usage you have a new additional tool, called tagtool. First you select a fitting anchor with the tag tool (in structurize thats only the placeholder block) and then you rightclick in air to set a tag for the tool to use, afterwards you can mark/unmark blocks with leftclick on them. The selected anchor and tagged blocks are rendered and highlighted. * Add string tags to placeholder blocks (#133)

Add string tags to placeholder blocks, usable for stuff like shooting targets, sitting positions, furnaces, spawners etc * Fix water handling of the building tool (#128)

Fix how the building tool paste button handles water Fix how the building tool replace block function handles water

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