in the mod you can find the santa biome, in there all the trees are made of candy's and you can find there a santa village. in the village, you will find santa, santa is a hostile mob and he can make 1 half of a heart in each punch. if you will kill santa you should get an emerald shard, using emerald shards you will be able to craft emerald. the next biome is the magma biome. in the magma biome the grass is red because of the magma cubes that spawn in it. if you will explore the biome you will find a volcano. in the volcano you will have a parkour course and some traps. in the and you will find a vault with some magma crystals. magma crystal can be use for weapons like: magma sword, magma bow and a magma gun! these are some really powerful weapons that gives a nice fight! another way to get magma crystal is by magma ores. magma ores can be found in the nether in high 20-22. by smelting these you will get magma shards, 4 magma shards will give you a magma crystal!

another thing in the mod is new weapons! now you will be able to craft a snow gun! candy gun! and even an obsidian sword.


the mod requires forge!