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Stoneholm, Underground Villages (Fabric)


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Do you love villages? Ever wonder why no villagers have decided to settle underground in some sort of inhabited Stronghold? Well, you can stop wondering because now they do.

Adding in sprawling mazes of underground halls and floors Stoneholm fills the world with a new type of village. Explore confusing hallways and venture into the abandoned sections in search of treasure. Convert the place to your own home or build yours above it trapping the villagers underground for eternity, or just kidnap the villagers for your own not nefarious purposes. 


Fabric API, and Cloth Config



Entrance to a villageAn overgrown section looking into a Stonecutter's roomA corridor looking over at an overgrown section.An abandoned section.


Mod Support

If installed the following mods will cause underground villages to generate with additional rooms/features: