Sticky Pets is a forge mod that lets you stick tools to pets.

Ctrl-right-clicking a mob with a tool sticks the tool to the pet. Ctrl-right-clicking a mob with an empty hand unsticks it. Only unstackable items can be stuck to pets. Up to three tools can be stuck to a pet by default. This can be configured via yourminecraftinstance/config/stickypets-common.toml. Stuck items are dropped on death. The sticky key can be rebound from Left Ctrl to another key via the keybind options screen.

By default, all animal-type mobs can have items stuck to them. Additional mobs can be made sticky by adding their entitytype to the stickypets:sticky entitytype tag. Animal-type mobs can be made not-sticky by adding their entitytype to the stickypets:not_sticky entitytype tag.

Created for ForgeJam 2022