Steve's Universe (Space Mod)

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Filename StevesUniverse-MCv1.16.5-v1.3.7.jar
Uploaded by sprvlln_tv
Uploaded Nov 24, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +1
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MD5 5170568bf665215cfc90d87853a093f1
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- all recipes that use aluminum can now use aluminum from any mod
- the big plate compressor now smashes 9 ingots instead of 1 block
- the big plate compressor now can use any type of alumnium ingots
- updated big plate compressor GUI and page 3 of guide book to adress changes
- made Titans spawning on Pluto 3x more common
- spacesuit helmet is now given respiration level 10 for underwater breathing
- Guide Book can now be opened by right clicking while looking at block AND sky