Steve's Universe (Space Mod)

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Bored of Earth? Want to explore the galaxy? Curious if aliens exist?  We have the answers.

Steve's Universe is a minecraft mod that adds in four star systems containing 19 new planets/moons as explorable dimensions, two very large rocket ships, 3 aliens, 2 new golems, a spacesuit and oxygen system, a particle accelerator multiblock, some machines for processing materials, an in-game guide book, and a Faster-Than-Light Warping JumpShip.

List of the planets/moons you can explore within the mod:

- Venus
- Earth (Luna)
- Mars (Phobos)
- Neptune (Triton)
- Uranus
- Pluto (Styx)

Proxima Centauri
- Terra (Lunaris)
- Medusa (Hydra)

- Midas
- Mammon

- Draconia

Omega Sector
- Lazarus
- Asteroid Alpha


Pictures of the aliens in their home planets:

Venusians (Venus)

Martians (Mars)

Titans (Pluto)


The FTL warp ship requires the use of planetary visas in this mod in order to have destinations to reach, these by default do not have recipes as they are meant to be gated at the modpack/server owner's discretion. You can use something like craft tweaker to give them recipes, or can have them obtained some other way by players, or spawn them in with cheats, that's up to you.


This mod has multiple machines that require the use of power, but this mod does not have any machines that generate power, so you will need another tech mod alongside this one that is able to generate Forge Energy compatible power in order to progress in this mod/reach other planets safely in survival. Any of your favorite tech mods should usually be compatible.

The initial beta release of this mod was made in three days, and could possibly have more content added in the future.

Check out the modpack / public server that this mod was made / intended for:

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