Steve's Quarry

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Tired of mindless digging/mining by hand? Miss the old Buildcraft quarries? Do you appreciate big holesWe have the solution.

Steve's Quarry adds in three new quarry machine blocks, a quarry drill item/entity, and a quarry structure block used to create automated quarry mining projects using power.


Quarry Structure Block:

Quarry Drill Item:

Iron Quarry:

Gold Quarry:

Diamond Quarry:



How to build Quarries:

First, place one Quarry Structure block down. This will be the center of your quarry. Then build four arms of quarry structure blocks out from that center one in each direction.
The length of the arms varies between each type of quarry.
Iron Quarry's arms would be 8 blocks long, Gold would be 16, and Diamond would be 32.

After building your quarry structures in a plus sign in the proper size, place your Quarry block two blocks above the center structure block. This is to allow you to place a hopper underneath if desired.
Remember that the Quarry will need power to operate, and you will need to keep it's one inventory slot empty for it to be able to keep digging new blocks. Then right-click the block and press start when you are ready!


Warning! These quarries DO require power in order to operate. This mod does not provide any sort of power generation. You will need any other tech mod alongside this mod in order to power them or they will not work. They should be able to accept and use any kind of power from most/all of your favorite Minecraft tech mods.

This mod was made in two days and was intended for the Steve's New Galaxy modpack / public server.

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