Steve's Bizarre Adventure

97,775 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 15, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Mod is inspired by and takes aspects from the "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" franchise created by Hirohiko Araki.
Mod is an updated version of the 1.6.4 MC version released by (correction if wrong) "VG" from Korea.

Currently the mod is mostly made up of "stands"; extra entities that when activated provide the player with a bonus. Several items are included that when crafted help provide the player with either a friendly companion to help fight monsters, or the means to obtain their own stand power. Quite basic special abilities are included with the mod separated out to the separate stand powers with many more being worked on. Despite the long time since the previous update the mod is being worked on actively, and has undergone a lot of changes to revamp it. Some such changes are moving away from the hunger system of Vanilla Minecraft. Stand progression is being overhauled so rather than it being the flat exp that is gained, there will be more to this with an emphasis on affecting the stands strength.

Disclaimer : I do not own Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, I have only updated a mod that is made around that franchise.


Controls (or should be) :
"V" by default can summon your stand (after obtaining).
Punch (ie left click) for basic attacks.
Sprint + Punch for different attack / ability.
Sneak + Jump for another ability, sometimes will switch to a different mode. i.e. Crazy Diamond Heal / Destroy, or The Hands scrape / barrage attack.

FAQ - Answers :
- Echoes is just an egg for now.
- Hamon unobtainable at the moment.
- Configs have options to save the powers on death.
- Time Stop is disabled but still causes hunger drain.
- "Disc Power" item is used on a gold and iron block.



NO!!!!! I have not given up on this mod, so DO NOT KEEP MESSAGING me about if I have given up.

Discord has been set up by someone who's username is "Tesla":
Make sure to read the rules and the faq, there are far too many people not even bothering and they answer your questions. Including Update logs.


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