Steve's Bizarre Adventure

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Filename JojoBAdv-0.2.3-1.7.10.jar
Uploaded by KnightDemon_
Uploaded Dec 31, 2018
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 3.75 MB
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MD5 fa101c1c9ae71fed5bf98fa8faf3fac7
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Java 8


0.2.3 - 1.7.10

Despite starting this patch out on some multiplayer crashes, it grew quick, but hopefully the server crash errors are now fixed. Thanks to both ba70000 and Mel for their bug reports, suggestions and feedback. Whilst fixing 1 of the bugs I finished a half feature I started on 0.2.0, which is the ability to rename your stand. To do this you will need a nametag with a name, then just right click your stand and it will be renamed. As always please let me know if you come across bugs, particularly crashing ones. When throwing the Knife, you may have noticed that it sometimes just sticks in the air, I know the cause, but haven't fixed it yet, please do not report this as a bug.

Future plans, I will not be working on 0.2.4 unless there are actual crashing errors. Instead the next update for 1.7.10 will be the 0.3.0 version BUT not until after I have released the 1.12.2 version titled 1.0.0. It will just be a port of the 0.2.3 version to 1.12.2 so that the mod is playable at least. If I finish early in January, I may begin work on 0.3.0 and its counterpart 1.1.0 however some of you may be aware I have other mods and I intend to release an update for most of them all on the same day sometime in February or March. Then I will regularly update all mods a little bit at a time, so I just ask for patience with updates from now on.

Bug fixes

- Silver Chariot hunger message display calls have been corrected.
- Crashes for servers in regards to clienty only functions.
- Stop Time says "not enough exp" for hunger message.
- Fixed possible Disc Power render crash.
- Fixed some of the hunger issues with the "Stop Time" ability.
- Fixed the "Stop Time" not deactivating properly at times.
- Stop Time now deactivates when moving out of range if player is the user.
- Hamon users now deal extra damage to "Vampiric" players
- Fixed crash which occured when obtaining The Emperor as your stand.
- Stands and cactus interactions fixed, no longer take damage from them.
- Fixed several stands quick attack on summon not deactivating the ability after use.
- Stands no longer drown and end up dealing damage to the player.


- Reduced Crazy Diamonds special attack length from 6 seconds to 4 seconds.
- Reduced Star Platinums special attack length from 5 seconds to 4 seconds.
- Reduced Magician's Red special attack length from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
- Disabled potion effects on stands
- Renamed Vampire to "Vampire Thrall"
- Removed summon sound when despawning a stand.
- Crazy Diamonds mode "Fusion" renamed to "Restoration".



- Added ability to nickname Stands with a nametag.