Steve's Bizarre Adventure

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Filename JojoBAdv-0.2.1-1.7.10.jar
Uploaded by KnightDemon_
Uploaded Dec 20, 2018
Game Version 1.7.10
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Update 0.2.1 is primarily a bug fix patch. Centred around mod conflict with Ender Core which stopped the stand arrow from being usable in survival. 2nd primary bug fix is the Knife, wherein it hit the player. I may have gone overboard on the little changes whilst doing so however it's going to happen and I've stopped here before spending a few days on even more things to add into a patch update. Full changelog below.

Bug fixes

- Removed "swing timer" debug code from "The World".
- Fixed stand giving hunger instead of taking it.
- Stand arrow now works in survival if EnderCore installed.
- Stand arrow now removes from inventory when used.
- Knives no longer damage player who threw them.
- Localisation text for Star Platinum's "no exp" now works.


- Added timer delay for "hunger" message.
- Added timer delay for "not enough EXP" message.
- Added config to disable hunger from Stands being used.
- Added config to change time between hunger taken whilst stand is active.
- The Hand now uses hunger for sneaking powers.
- Knife will now break Reeds and Tripwires on hit.


- Default key for summoning stand is now "V"
- Increased The Hands attract radius for Entities. Every 100 exp increases range by 1 to limit of 20.
- Reduced hunger use for hands warp power.
- Renamed "testmob" to "Diavolo". Says damage when attacked.
- Increased Stop Time cost from 0 to something.