Steve's Bizarre Adventure

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Filename JojoBAdv 0.2.0 - 1.7.10.jar
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Uploaded Dec 19, 2018
Game Version 1.7.10
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Here we are, update 0.2.0 of Steve's Bizarre Adventure. Please report all bugs, glitches, or problems as soon as you can, the earlier I get them the faster and sooner I can make a patch update for it. This one originally started as just a patch update for the arrow now being usable in survival and a few other small issues, then I started working on some of the Stands powers. I ended up giving "The Hand" it's powers and fixing / adding Silver Chariot, Crazy Diamond, and Sticky Fingers powers, or at least something more than a punch. Echoes still doesn't have enough love for Act 1 and some usable powers, sorry, but I hope what's here is entertaining still.

As a note, version 1.0.0 for 1.12.2 is currently being worked on, is playable already, but is not at a releasable stage, there are several issues that stop Stands behaving like stands, and currently trying several things to remedy this. Items, Blocks, Renders, everything else really, already works. So hopefully I can get that out this year, if not, then definitely for the New Year. Merry Christmas everybody!

Here is the changelog for 0.2.0

Bug fixes

- Stand Arrow now usable in Survival mode.
- Right clicking no longer makes Stands attack.
- Stands no longer render on fire.
- Creative item's description now shows.


- Lowered Hamon User spawn rate.
- Lowered Vampire spawn rate.
- Some powers have been given cooldowns.


- Config file has been added.
                = Hamon user spawn rates.
                = Vampire spawn rates.
               = Vampire sunlight burn.
               = Stand exp gain and frequency.
- Silver Chariot attacks
               = Sneak+Jump causes rapid flame attack.
               = Sprint+Attack causes rapid attack.
- Crazy Diamond powers
               = Sneak+Jump switches between "Destroy" and "Heal".
               = Whilst Heal, extra damage to undead from Stand's punch attack.
               = Heal attacks cause blocks to fall, can use like a tunnel.
- Sticky Fingers powers
               = Sneak+Jump whilst less than 2 hearts with 300 exp, causes extra hearts as a safety net.
- The Hands powers
               = Sneaking causes items to attract to the player.
               = Sneak for 3 seconds, then jump attracts entities.
               = Sneak for 6 seconds, then jump destroys blocks.
               = Sprint+Punch warps player forward.