Steve's Bizarre Adventure

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Filename JojoBAdv 0.1.0 - 1.7.10.jar
Uploaded by KnightDemon_
Uploaded Dec 7, 2018
Game Version 1.7.10
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Java 8


First initial release after obtaining the source code for the 1.6.4 version. This is the 1.7.10 version.
Highly likely that there are localization issues or powers not working, many things from the 1.6.4 version have had to be removed for defunct code or because it doesn't fit with the new layout of code I have made. Basic run through - Kill vampire for blood, blood crafted into mask, mask can be used for vampirism or befriending hamon user. Blood can also be used to craft a Stand Arrow which upon use will gift player a random stand. Stands also gain an Exp over time whilst being used, after enough Exp players can use the special abilites, the powers and exp required are different per stand, see below for requirements. Stop Time ability works, but has some weird rendering issues, will not affect the ability itself though.

== Items ==

- Vampire Blood = For crafting.

- Stone Mask = Befriend hamon with or use to become vampire, can be punched onto a zombie.

- Knife = Throwable item that deals damage.

- Creative only items = Used for testing but "Disc Power" is for a future stand too.
- Disc Power = Used with a gold block to save your stand. Used with an iron block to load your stand.

== Entities ==
- Many stands, i.e. StarPlatinum, The World, Silver Chariot etc. See below for quick guide.
- Vampire
- Hamon User

== Powers ==
- Stands = Activated with "F" after obtaining one.
- Vampire power = Alwyas on, obtain by killing villager / player whilst wearing the mask.


== Stands ==

!!! WARNING !!! : Will lose Stand upon Death
- Punch attacks
- Sprint + punch
- Sneak + jump (do these in order together, so jump but keep sneaking)
StarPlatinum and The World have "THE WORLD!!" to stop time, 400 and 200 exp respectively.

== Future ==
To be added back in are some stand powers and even some stands. Models are required for the missing stands from previous versions. Hamon is unobtainable for the player but Vampirism is. Vampirism however has been nerfed to just have buffs but powers will return in future. If looking through files you will notice several files for things not available, these will be in the future.