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Stellar API


Stellar API is general API for mods related with celestial objects.

This will be basis API for Stellar Sky, Stellarium, and Photoptics.


Latest version on 1.12.2 presents configurable day length and month length. You can change them only with Stellar API.


Celestial API

Since this is API about celstial objects, there is celestial API which allows better compatibility.

Optical System

Currently there is optical system which is celestial objects.

  • DEFAULT: There are default telescopes which provides magnification can be used using right-click.
  • Photoptics is the mod enhancing this part of Stellar API.

Overlay System (HUD)

  • Currently there is overlay system in Stellar API, which is easily configurable HUD elements.
  • It can be manipulated by the HUD which can be displayed by pressing key 'U'. You can also disable some HUDs here.
  • DEFAULT: Day Descriptor Information on the TopRight side of the HUD. (Which is positionable)

Wake Condition Configurations

There is wake configurations which can used to configure wake condition and time.

Per-Dimension Resources

Currently there is per-dimension resource(textrue) commands to replace resources per-dimension. (/perdimres list/available/set/remove)

The resources will be applied directly after the command is run.

  • /perdimres available: View the list of per-dimension resource IDs available to replace.
  • /perdimres list: View currently replaced per-dimension resources.
  • /perdimres set <PerDimResID> <resource location>: Replace per-dimension resources using
    • The resource location is '(location in assets)' in vanilla and '(modid):(location in per-mod resource location)'.
  • /perdimres remove <PerDimResID>: Can remove per-dimension resource replacement using

New Feature - WorldSets

- WorldSets are for determining the world to apply celestial settings.

- Named WorldSets can be configured with world names.

New Feature - Adjustable Day/Month length (without Stellar Sky)

- Now day length and month length is adjustable - See World Settings in config for this.

- It can be configured for each WorldSet. To change day length of a custom dimension, create named WorldSet with the name of the dimension and configure it.

- Day/Month offset and minimum sky brightness are also available - check the details in the comments.

- Stellar API tweak should be enabled - it is in the world settings as well.

- There's also Force Configuration flag. When it's on, changes in configuration is applied to any world you open. When it's off, world which has been loaded at least once with Stellar API won't be affected.



These are screenshots using the default telescopes.

Magnified on DayFiltered Magnified on Day
Magnified on NightFiltered Magnified on Night


The texture error above is removed on the latest version.

Planned Updates

Stellar API is currently in total rewrite stage, so it would serve its role well as API for Celestial Objects and Optics.

- Several wavelengths (Gamma/X/UV/IR/Radiowave) will be supported, along with custom signal types. (Like gravitational waves)

- Celestial Entries to express Galaxies, Planetary Systems, and Stars/Planets.

- Allows Configurable Procedural Generation of Celestial Objects along with PreExisting Systems.

Development of Stellarium should be trivial when this rewrite is successfully finished.

Things are subjected to change; Gradual change will occur.