Steelseries Gamesense

2,866 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 9, 2019 Game Version: Forge

Want the scroll wheel on your Rival to let you know that your life is getting low? How about the number pad on your Apex M800 to show you what tool you have equipped, or the arrow keys to be a compass? Well now you can with the SteelSeries GameSense Minecraft mod!

You can also use SteelSeries Engine 3 configure what game events you want to see on your devices. Game events for your devices include: health, tool durability, air level, hunger level, and many more.


How to use:

Twitch Launcher
  • Open your Twitch/Curse launcher
  • Create new profile and click 'get more content' button
  • Search for "SteelSeries" or "GameSense"
  • Download and install the mod, and enjoy!

Minecraft Launcher
  • Install forge from here
  • Open your Minecraft launcher to confirm a successfull installation
  • open directory '%appdata%' and open the directory '.minecraft'
  • If there is not a 'mods' folder, create one. insert the mod corresponding to the minecraft version you installed.
  • Start the forge profile from the launcher and enjoy!

Other Launchers
  • Download the mod, be sure you download the one thats for your version of Minecraft.
  • Open the location where the launcher saves your "configs/mods/saves", open the directory 'mods'
  • Place the mod in the folder, and start the game. Enjoy!

This mod is a client only mod. do not use this in serverfiles


new in this version: changelog

Download unstable dev builds: Jenkins


bugs can be reported on github or discord


Forge for 1.14.x is in heavily development. It could be possible that an update breaks the mod for those versions. If so, please make a new issue on the github page.


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