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Overview of Steel
Requires Fabric API

A Fabric mod for Minecraft 1.15+. Create tougher, more durable equipment.


Add Steel to your existing Minecraft world! It's safe!

  • Configuration file.
  • Added steel nugget, ingot, block, sword, tools, and armor.
  • Randomly enchanted steel swords, tools, and armor can be found in end city treasure chests.
  • There's a rare chance you'll find non-enchanted steel tools, swords, and armor in treasure chests around your world.
  • Steel nuggets and ingots can be sold to apprentice and journeyman armorers, toolsmiths, and weaponsmiths.
  • Journeyman armorers, toolsmiths, and weaponsmiths can sell you non-enchanted steel armor, and enchanted steel tools and swords.



There are no known conflicts with other mods and it's unlikely there will be any. If there are any incompatibilities don't hesitate to report a bug.

Reporting Bugs

Open a GitHub issue (preferred) or email me.

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