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Vanilla+ Auto Farmers!


Mod adds vanilla+ style automatic farmers of vanilla crops and trees.


No libraries required!

In development!


For now realized:

  • Beetroot farmer;
  • Cactus farmer;
  • Carrot farmer;
  • Melon farmer;
  • Potato farmer;
  • Pumpkin farmer;
  • Sugar Cane farmer;
  • Wheat farmer;
  • Tree farmer(Farms all types of vanilla trees).



  • First 4 slots in inventory can be accessed only by player. Hoopers do not take items from this places. It implements so hoppers dont take seeds and saplings and farmer can be fully automatic.
  • Other 4 slots can be accessed only by transport mechanism's(like hoppers) so player do not place anything to output of farmer.



  • Create items to improve area of farmer;
  • Create bonemeal system;
  • Maybe animal farmers(Breeding, collecting whool, etc.).