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Spiritual successor to Steamcraft2, which was in itself was a spiritual successor to the original Steamcraft around back in beta. Some features are reminiscent of Steamcraft2, others are entirely new. Discord:


Please note: Although this is a BrassGoggledCoders mod, because it uses the B.A.S.E library its configs are found under the ../config/acronym/ directory.


Important information for current release stage:

The core content lacks a lot of polish but should be reasonably stable. At this point I'm fairly confident worlds won't explode, but content may still change dramatically or even be removed. You have been warned. WIP features will be kept to alpha builds and your help testing is appreciated!


Patchouli is an optional but strongly recommended dependency. When present, an in-game manual will guide you through using the mod. It is a work in progress, but is currently the only available documentation. Suggestions as for how or where to improve the documentation are very much welcome, as above.



SteamAgeRevolution is just that. It offers a steamy way to do many familiar things...and even more brand new.


Currently, the mod provides multiblock machines for a staged tech progression from simple alloy creation by hand grinding through to an alloy forge and steelworks for advanced creation of alloys. Steel and brass are both vital components in the mod.


The most important machine is of course the boiler, also a multiblock, that generates steam used to drive the other machinery.


Besides this, there is pneumatic point-to-point direct item transfer, a fluid hopper and various other utilities including the ability to blast steam at your enemies. Or friends, steam's not picky.


Thanks to ProfessorProspector for the logo.


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