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This mod extends the idea of the open blocks statues but with my own little twist to it

currently i am working on adding all vanilla mobs as a statue when i am done with that i will add statues for modded mobs, just give me suggestions of which mod i should add support for than.


Statue Bat


Statue Core (currently unimplemented)Riyal Nuggget


Not Gettable In survival ATM, this will be updated once the way to get it is back!


Angry Bee Statue

Bee Statue

Baby Zombie Statue

Zombie Statue

Blaze Statue

Brown Mooshroom Statue

Red Mooshroom Statue

Black Cat Statue

British Shorthair Cat Statue

Calico Cat Statue

Jellie Cat Statue

Persian Cat Statue

Ragdoll Cat Statue

Red Cat Statue

Siamese Cat Statue

Tabby Cat Statue

Tuxedo Cat Statue

White Cat Statue

Chicken Statue

Cod Statue

Cow Statue

Creeper Statue

Dolphin Statue

Drowned Statue

Elder Guardian Statue

Enderman Statue

Endermite Statue

Evoker Statue

Snow Fox Statue

Fox Statue

Ghast Statue

Guardian Statue

Husk Statue

Informative Statue

Magma Cube Statue

Angry Panda Statue

Brown Panda Statue

Lazy Panda Statue

Normal Panda Statue

Playful Panda Statue

Weak Panda Statue

Worried Panda Statue

Pig Statue

Pillager Statue

"Small" Pufferfish Statue

"Slightly Bloated " Pufferfish Statue

"Bloated" Pufferfish Statue

Rabbit Statues (in all different colors)

Ravager Statue

Cod Statue

Sheep Shaven Statue

16 Colored Sheep Statues

Shulker Statue

Slime Statue

Snow Man Statue

Spider Statue (if you dislike spiders please don't hold this in your offhand)

Squid Statue

Tropical Fish Statues Comes in different sizes and colors (changes color when placed down)

Turtle Statue

Villagers Statues

Vindicator Statue

Witch Statue

 Player Statues:

Player statues can be renamed to any players name and it will get that players skin.Foolcrafters

Eastereggs and how to get them

Tier one: Decorative only
Trans Bee Statue
Campfire Statue
Chicken Jokey Statue
Detective Platypus Statue
Flood Statue
King Cluck Statue
Wasteland Pig Statue
Bumbo Statue
Statue of Undying

 Why are they an Easteregg? 

Trans Bee Statue: Because Trans people rule!
Campfire Statue: Made For youtuber Etho's 10 year anniversary
Chicken Jokey Statue: includes multiple mobs different in one statue
Detective Platypus Statue: Credit to youtuber Pixelriffs for calling the first draft of the Fox statue "Perry the Platypus"
Flood Statue: Small reference to Youtuber Docm77's season 4 of Mindcrack where he flooded his perimeter 
King Cluck Statue Reference to Youtuber BlameTheController's season 4 of Mindcrack's shop named like the statue
Wasteland Pig Statue: Reference to some fan art that was made for Youtuber Xisuma, made this as a thank you for working with me on a project that sadly never released
Bumbo Statue: Reference to Youtuber Iskall85 "Bumbo" build on Hermitcraft, this was made as a thank you for making the first big modpack using Statues namely FoolCraft
Sombrero: Needed to get the Bumbo Statue
Statue of Undying: A totem of undying is a cool item and this is a 3d decorative version of it

How to get them: No spoilers just clues

Trans Bee Statue: An anvil and some clever naming can make any bee trans
Campfire Statue: Use those blue shiny rocks to try and make lava blue, have a creeper and player watching for it to be true
Chicken Jokey Statue: Tiny zombies can ride Chickens, wonder if this is possible in statues to?
Flood Statue: Zombies burn in daylight, but stop doing this in water, which block looks like water and can you place a statue on?
King Cluck Statue: Chickens are not Royal, try proving me wrong by putting one on a more royal block
Wasteland Pig Statue: Pigs love mud, how would they behave on a more grainy block?
Bumbo Statue: Prickley but charming, especially with that fancy hat
Sombrero: Commonly found in the pockets of the traders who visit you
Statue of Undying: Found in the pockets of the traders who went to a woodland mansion first

How to get them: be warned this one contains spoilers

Trans Bee Statue: Rename a bee statue to Trans Bee
Campfire Statue: Place a creeper statue, and a player statue with a block of lava between them (one down) than throw a diamond in the lava
Chicken Jokey Statue: Place a baby zombie statue on a chicken statue
Flood Statue: Place a zombie statue on a lapis block
King Cluck Statue: Place a chicken Statue on a gold block
Wasteland Pig Statue: Place a pig statue on a sand block
Bumbo Statue: Place a sombrero on a cactus
Sombrero: Purchased from wandering traders
Statue of Undying: Purchased from wandering traders

Statue display pedestal was made by Douwsky

For questions feel free to join my Discord.

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