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All right, now for a description. I guess I'll just tell you how to get everything and what there is, then I'll tell you what is coming in future updates.


scraps, rust scraps, enchanted sugar, enchanted paste, enchanted dust, enchanted ingot, gear, Steel Ingot, Copper Ingot, Hide, fragments, explosive pack, grenade clip, steel plating, raider leather, spiked plating, plastic, empty fuel canister, rust steel ingot, glass tube, cow blood, pig blood, chicken blood, enchanted stick, fermented egg: contents[mini moose], enchanted seeds, fermented egg: contents[cow], fermented egg: contents[chicken], and fermented egg: contents[pig], Pistol Bullet



Steel Block, Copper Block, Rust Steel Block, Engine, Compressed Enchanted Dust Block


     Steel Button


     Steel Ore, Copper Ore, Enchanted Ore, Multi-Metal Ore, Aura Filled Stone



Mini Moose



Warhammer, Battleaxe

Powered Warhammer, Rust Steel Sword, Steel Sword, Enchanted Sword, Throwing Gear, Grenade, Clock Gun



Drill(lvl 1), Drill(lvl 2), Drill(lvl 3), Steel Toolset(a toolset has an axe, a pickaxe, a hoe, and a shovel), Copper Toolset, Enchanted Toolset, Rust Toolset, DNA Extractor



Raw Moose, Moose Jerky, Enchanted Sugar


Armor Sets:

Steel, Copper, Raider, Rust Steel


If You Want Crafting Recipes, Get NEI(Not Enough Items)


Anyways, Updates:


1.0.0: The Beginning, most of the entities, such as the bullets and eggs, won't render;


This mod is now under reconstruction in 1.10.2, however it probably won't be released until August if not later.


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