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A tiny mod that fixes various vanilla bugs with the squid

Support with Minecraft 1.18.2-1.20.x for Fabric (Quilt maybe?)/Forge

List of bug fixes for squid

  • Adding check to prevent movement de-sync on the client. Which resolves MC-39263, MC-58294, MC-89883, MC-136421, MC-212213, MC-225422 and partially fixes MC-134626
  • Fix Levitation effect doesn't apply reset fall distance, no bug reported yet.
  • Adding Slow Falling effect movement vector to squids. And reset fall distance. MC-167008.
  • Decreasing Y movement vector to 0.15f which should stop squids become stuck on land. MC-132473.
  • Removing getNoActionTime() check will restore the movement of squid if the player is far from them. MC-212687.


Make sure to install on both client and server side for a better result!

  • Install Fabric Loader/MinecraftForge
  • Copy mod into mods folder