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Derex again back with another mod!

Disclaimer: This is once again a hobby thing so please don't rush me or put pressure; I'm busy with school a ton too for a few months



Squid Game is a recent Kdrama (Korean Drama) series that skyrocketed to the top charts in days and I really recommend it (no spoilers rn hehe)

This mod aims to add content from that in the form of entities, items, structures, etc


Currently we have the varying types of guards in the Squid Game series such as the Squad Guard, Triangle Guard, and Circle Guard which drop "money" when defeated! In addition we have 2 new dungeons that spawn rarely based on rooms in the actual TV Show!


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And that's it! Thanks for reading all the way and be sure to try out my other mods!

Also if you liked the mod and want to see my progress a simple follow would do!