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An updated version for Minecraft 1.16.5 can be found here:


A Quake-style movement mod for Minecraft, mostly inspired by the movement in Fortress Forever/Team Fortress Classic.

Requires PlayerAPI Core (only in Minecraft versions < 1.12)

Adds bunnyhopping, strafe jumping, air control, trimping, and sharking to Minecraft and removes losing speed from taking fall damage (needs to be installed server-side for this). Bunnyhopping is uncapped by default, but has config settings for Fortress Forever-style soft and hard bunnyhop caps. The air and ground acceleration code is actually based on Half-Life, but it should be fairly similar to Quake's. The trimp mechanic is a modified version of the Fortress Forever trimp mechanic: if you're moving fast enough, holding sneak while jumping will convert some of your horizontal speed into vertical speed. Sharking refers to gliding across the surface of water by holding jump.

I have no idea if this mod will be of interest to anyone else, but it's a style of movement that I have grown to love and find it hard to play any game without it.

Not compatible with Smart Moving

Note: It is recommended to use this with Squeedometer.
PlayerAPI Core (only in Minecraft versions < 1.12)



You are welcome to add this mod to any modpack you'd like.