This mod aims to add a config for vanilla. This mod must be on the server to run and server owners can use it to disable different features such as explosions or mobs if they wish.


If this mod is installed on the client and the server then the client will use the server's config values. This allows for less client-server desync. However clientside only configs will still use the client's values rather than the server's.


This mod also doubles as a clientside mod

Current Config Options:

Features that will work even if the mod is not on the server (will even work if server doesnt have forge):

  • Disable any sound (including from other mods)
  • Disable/Enable any particle (only from vanilla)
  • Choose to hide your own potion effect particles, everyone's particles, or see everyone's
  • Choose when to have christmas chest texture

Must be on server for these to work:

  • Disable/Enable Ender Pearl teleportation
  • Keep hunger on respawn (with minimum value)
  • Keep health on respawn (with minimum value)
  • Keep XP on respawn
  • Disable/Enable water placement in nether
  • Dimension blacklist for water and lava to make obsidian or cobblestone
  • Disable/Enable Spawn fuzz
  • Disable/Enable ability to spawn in nether or end
  • Set default spawn in overworld, nether, or end
  • Whitelist of blocks which can be used as beacon base
  • Disable/Enable different types of damage sources (e.g. cactus, fire, suffocation)
  • Disable/Enable the different types of mob griefing
  • Disable/Enable nether teleportation
  • Disable/Enable creation of portal blocks
  • Set multiplier for frequency of zombie pigmen spawning from nether portal
  • Disable/Enable Sleep
  • Disable/Enable beds setting spawn
  • Disable/Enable sleep in other dimensions
  • Disable/Enable nearby mobs cancelling sleep or set the area to check for nearby mobs
  • Disable/Enable having to be a certain distance from the bed or set area you have to be in
  • Set time in ticks to sleep (currently max is 100 ticks which is default)
  • Disable/Enable different types of mobs spawning
  • Configure mob spawn rules for different biomes (add, modify or remove)
  • Disable/Enable all explosions
  • Configure values for different types of explosions (including from other mods)
  • Set minimum and maximum spawn radius around a player
  • Skip the respawn screen and respawn on non-hardcore worlds
  • Disable/Enable end portals
  • Set custom villager trades
  • Set multiplier on punch damage against entities
  • Disable/Enable zombies/skeletons burning in the sun
  • Set the light value of any block from any mod
  • Disable/Enable Sprinting
  • Set hunger level required for sprinting

An example version of the config on default values can be found here and you can see some planned features on the github repo here.


Feel free to include this in any pack you make


Please report any bugs you have to my issues tracker on github. Suggestions can also be posted as issues if you tag them as enhancement and I will look at adding them. If you don't have github you can PM me here or any other place you know to contact me

An album of screenshots can be viewed in the images section

The source can be found on github, if you wish to contribute or add one of the planned features contact me and we can coordinate that