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Spindle v2.0 All Blocks Update


Creates pixel art directly from web images!


What is Spindle?

   Do you remember that one time when you and your friends compete on the best pixel art? Or the time when you were a server admin looking for ways to entertain your players? Now you can do just that. Spindle is a mod that allows you to create pixel art from a URL, be it an external (http://) or internal (file://) one. The mod is also fully functional when installed on the server alongside the client, allowing certain players to use this mod outside singleplayer mode.




 There is only one item added with this mod, a paintbrush. It is located in the Tools tab of the creative menu.


   To use the paintbrush, simply right click while pointing on a block. The block does not need to be in range, you can right click any block up to 256 blocks away. A gui will appear, where you can enter any URL. Enter an URL, and then click Paint, or slam your enter key.


   Voilà! Your pixel art has spawned, centered horizontally from where you're pointing at, and going upwards. Simple as that!



   Using the paintbrush requires being in creative mode and have cheats enabled in singleplayer, and be opped in multiplayer. If you do not have those permissions, you will still be able to get the item, but upon using the item, a chat message to the player will pop up saying the permission which you lack.



   Currently, the mod only provides a way to create a 1:1 scale pixel art. As of version 1.1, Spindle supports scaling! Switch through scaling modes of 1:1 (1 pixel per block), all the way up to 1:32 (32 pixels per block).


   Another limitation, the mod only uses the available 16 colors of wool to recreate the image. From version 2.0, Spindle supports most blocks! You can now toggle between using all blocks and using wool only. Spindle is however not resource pack based. Hence, changing resource packs won't change the way the mod generates the pixel art.



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