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This mod requires the following:


Geckolib / Azurelib

Spell Power

Spell Engine



Extra RPG Attributes


It is VERY RECOMMENDED to use the following with this mod:

Better Combat

Adaptive Tooltips


Paladins & Priests


To craft Spellbooks, put a book in a Spell Binding table surrounded by Bookshelves. Certain weapons can have spells directly bound to them. Others have spells already bound.

A cheaper way to get Rune Ingots involves casting spells with the corresponding block of metal.... (1.19.2)


This mod adds Spellblades, Claymores, Orbs, and comes with its own mini-progression system based on defeating a faction of mobs and their boss. Look at the wiki for information on the progression, as well as what the items do. Below is a general summary of the items and progression.



Spellblades and Claymores have a passive ability that give you 1 strength for every 4 spell power you have upon casting a spell, for a duration equal to the spell's cooldown. T1 Basic Spellblades come with the close range Flourish spell, while T2 Specialized Spellblades come with more advanced and powerful spells. Claymores give you a mobility focused spin attack of their respective element.

Orbs allow you to move normally while you're casting spells with them, while also giving you a decent chunk of spell haste. They however have little spell power.

The armors in the mod include Rune armor, Magister armor, Magus armor, and Herald armor. All of these armors have varying amounts of Reabsorption, allowing you to regain absorption hearts gradually over time, when you haven't been hit for at least 4 seconds. Magus armor gives a boatload of the normal spell attributes as well as Reabsorption. Herald Armor has special stats that give you Spell Power based on your attack attribute. With this in mind, feel free to wear any combination of the three sets of armor.

There are several weapons that can be considered "Legendary", the first and most common would be the Pillar of the Monkey King. It comes stocked with three spells focused on mobility and guerilla tactics. Starforge is obtained after defeating Magus and comes with all 3 of the T2 Spellblade spells, while having a passive ability to trigger elemental novas back to back upon hit. Voidforge is similar but has Spell Power based on attack attribute stats instead of flat stats, doesn't have spells, but can use spellbooks.

There are currently two pieces of jewelry in the mod, Ashes of the Stars and Crystallised Omniscience (named after Path of Exile items). These trinkets have high variation in rolls and are identified upon picking them up, so each one will be likely different. The strongest Ashes can give you 150% of your spell attribute as physical damage, while the strongest Omniscience can give you 90% of your physical damage as spell power. Both are obtained from Magus, and can be rerolled with another of the same type and a Thread of Hope in a smithing table.

Hexblade invaders will come after you after a while, you will know that they are focused on you when you receive an ominous message about your magic being noticed. Simply keep using magic to get them to come after you. Eventually, a dapper fellow will approach you and demand that you pay the magic toll, at which point you can either oblige him, ignore him, or kill him. Ignoring or killing the Magister will make him summon more of his friends nearby and they will attempt to kill you for a minute, before they pack up and leave. Magisters can drop Spellblades, the Hexblade, and Prismatic Effigies--as well as Missive from Magus, which is a bit of a lore hint for the Magus fight.

Magus can be summoned in the Glass Ocean dimension with a Prismatic Effigy. The Glass Ocean can be visited using a Hexblade. Magus has an alternating barrier that reduces all damage by 95%, but this barrier loses effectiveness when he is hit by someone with Spell Power of the type that he is attuned to, based on how much Spell Power that person has. Magus alternates between Arcane, Fire, and Frost and does so a total of 10 times before dying. Halfway through he will go invulnerable and start summoning a bunch of Magisters to overwhelm you. The last phase involves him teleporting, spinning, and slashing erratically.

As of version 1.14.0, this mod adds smite to Paladins and Priests melee weapons.






The gamerule for Hexblade invasions is hexbladeInvade


Here's my discord! https://discord.gg/5nTM4qcxEM