Special AI


Source: https://github.com/FatherToast/

Discussion: https://discord.gg/GFTzTdX


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Are monsters boring you? Game not challenging enough? If only there was some kind of mod that added different AI patterns to mobs to do just that... Oh wait, there is: Special AI!

Special AI adds a variety of new AI patterns to mobs, including: monsters idly breaking your light sources and certain blocks, an attack AI for "passive" mobs, mounting AI, and a pile of unique combat AIs to keep you on your toes!


This mod is highly configurable and each feature has at least one config option associated with it.
Browsing the configs will provide information on all the mod's features. If more in-depth information is needed, ask in the Discord server.


Currently, this mod natively supports English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and Italian.  However, this particular mod is completely playable if not available in your locale because the translations are for "flavor" purposes only (no effect on gameplay).

I am far from a master of all languages, so if you find an issue with any translation (or have a suggestion for improvement) please submit an issue or pull request on GitHub!




Under construction... (Browsing the configs will provide information on all the mod's features.)