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Uploaded Mar 17, 2020
Game Version 1.14.4   +2
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Second bugfix release for the 1.14.4 version of Spartan Weaponry. I missed a few things the second time around.


    - JEI integration is back! Integration had to be reworked due to changed methods in JEI and how Potions are referenced in Minecraft itself. Adding this lead into the next addition...

    - Added Tipped Bolts back into the mod in both standard and Diamond varieties. I forgot to add them in the original 1.14.4 release (fixes issue #113)

    - Added a recipe back in for the Explosive Arrow, since I forgot to add it in the original 1.14.4 release.

    - Added translations for tipped projectiles made using Quark's potions.



    - Fixed a crash when attempting to load a Heavy Crossbow on a server due to a method only existing on the client (fixes issue #111)

    - Made Pole recipes shaped to prevent conflicts with Item Frames, just like in 1.12.2. I forgot about this when making my recipe generator and made it shapeless by accident (fixes issue #114)

    - Fixed Bonus Damage and Damage Absorption Traits not working due to events that are only called on the client-side

    - Fixed the Enhanced Knockback Trait from not working by hooking it into the LivingKnockBackEvent instead.


API Changes:

    - Enhanced Knockback Trait no longer uses the callback interface to inflict the knockback. Good thing I didn't release the API yet...

    - Don't expect the API to be released for this mod release, due to potentially more breaking changes that might need to be implemented...


Other Changes:

    - Advancements for each weapon type can now be unlocked when crafting modded material weapons. Each weapon type was added to the tag that is checked to see if the advancement would unlock

    - Removed obsolete .lang translation files, as they were only intended for putting back into the current .json translation file


Changelog for version "2.0.0 alpha 2":


    - Fixed a crash when attacking a foe due to the wrong item being cast as an item that supports Traits(fixes issue #107)

    - Fixed a crash when launching the mod on a server due to some classes being called on the server existing only on the client (fixes issue #108)


Changelog for version "2.0.0 alpha 1":


First release for 1.14.4! It's finally here!


Major Changes!:

    - Rewritten for 1.14.4! 

    - Weapon Properties are now known as Weapon Traits!


API Changes:

    - The API has been streamlined so each weapon creation function only takes two arguments; the weapon material and the creative tab the item will be seen

    - ToolMaterialEx is now known as WeaponMaterial!

    - The API is mostly complete, but I wouldn't recommend using it yet unless you wish to help with testing.



    - Hammers are now known as Battle Hammers, to clear any ambiguity with the name

    - Crossbows are now know as Heavy Crossbows, due to the vanilla Crossbow being a thing now

    - Most Enchantments have been renamed!

        - Lightweight is now Impulsion!

        - Sharpened is now Razors Edge!

        - Incendiary is unchanged.

        - Lucky Strike is now Lucky Throw!


Weapon Changes:

    - The Boomerang has been reworked! It has a much better range than the 1.12.2 version (which I over-nerfed), and the throwing range enchantment works on it properly too.  It now bounces off surfaces too!

    - Throwing Weapons are now stackable, except for the Boomerang and have no durability anymore. However, they can no longer be enchanted because the Enchanting Table can only take one of a stack at a time.

    - The Heavy Crossbow has a slightly slower reload time (1.25s default; used to be 1.0s) and no longer does armour piercing damage, and also no longer accepts Infinity.

        However, it now accepts vanilla Crossbow enchantments, including Quick Charge, Multishot and Piercing, and works the same way that the vanilla Crossbow does.

        Also, you will need to let go of the Use key when done loading the Heavy Crossbow when it is loaded. It will show as a cyan background on it's Hotbar Slot when ready.

        It still hits harder than the vanilla Crossbow


Recipe Changes:

    - Lances have been changed to require three of the material it's made from (using to require one)

    - Crossbows have been changed to require a Tripwire Hook in it's recipe and no longer requires Wood Logs, but uses two Wood Planks instead



    - A new enchantment in the form of Hydrodynamic! It allows throwing weapons to work underwater with a slight penalty to it's range


Currently Missing:

    - Quivers (Coming later in a later alpha release)

    - Dynamite (Might come later)