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This mod adds weapons from Spartan Weaponry in the following materials from the following mods:



  • Manasteel
  • Terrasteel
  • Elementium

Lexicon Entries for these weapons are available in the Lexica Botania.



  • Thaumium
  • Voidmetal

Entries for these weapons are available in the Thaumonomicon.



  • Dawnstone


New Weapon Properties are included as well!

  • Mana Repair

    - Allows weapons to repair themselves using mana. Applies to all the Botania Weapons.

  • Terra Burst

    - Spawns a Mana Burst just like a Terra Blade from Botania when swinging the weapon. Applies to the Terrasteel weapons.

  • Pixielated

    - When hit by an attack, there is a 5% chance that Pixies from Botania will spawn. Stacks with Elementium Armor. Applies to the Elementium weapons.

  • Warped

    - Slowly repairs the weapon over time. Also gives Warp to the wielder. Applies to the Voidmetal weapons.


Requires Java 8!


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