Spark's Tools

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Custom Tools JSON

All of the tools in this mod are automatically generated from the definitions in the custom_tools.json, which can be found in the mod's config folder. A default one is generated if the file does not already exist.

The JSON file is an array of objects, each one being the definition for a tool item. Here's a breakdown of what each key-value pair within the objects are:

  • type: This is the type of this tool. The possible values here are:
    • Hammer
    • Excavator
    • Lumber Axe
    • Plow
  • name: The display name override. If not provided, then a name will be generated from the first item found using the material. If the generated name doesn't look right, make sense or you just want a special name, then you can use this to set a specific name.
  • material: Either an item/block registry name or an ore dictionary entry. For example, "minecraft:cobblestone" for just cobblestone, "minecraft:log:2" for Birch Wood, or "logWood" for all wood logs.
  • textureColour: The override for the colour used for the tool head texture. Normally this is auto-generated from the item/block materials found, but if the colour isn't suitable or you want a specific colour, then specify it here either as an integer or a hexadecimal number.
  • effectSize: The size of the area as a radius that the tool will affect - 0 is a single block like a pickaxe, 1 is 3x3, 2 is 5x5, etc. For example, for hammers this is the break area and for plows this is the area of blocks that will be tilled when you right click a dirt or grass block.
  • harvestLevel: The harvest level, like any pickaxe harvest level. For quick reference, here's the vanilla mining levels for pickaxes:
    • 0 - Stone / Coal ore
    • 1 - Iron / Gold / Lapis ore
    • 2 - Redstone / Diamond ore
    • 3 - Obsidian
  • durability: The durability of the tool, so how many blocks it can break. If not provided, the default is 1000.
  • efficiency: The efficiency of the tool, so how fast it can mine effective blocks. If not provided, the default is 1.
  • attackDamage: The attack damage of the tool, so how many points of damage it can deal with a full powered swing. If not provided, the default is 1.
  • attackSpeed: The attack speed of the tool, so how long it takes for the full swing to charge back up. If not provided, the default is 1.
  • enchantability: The enchantability of the tool, so how effective it is at being enchanted. If not provided, then default is 0.

Note that a minimum of the "type" and "material" are required for each tool.