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Soulus is a mod about creating life and then exploiting it. It provides functionality for almost every aspect of mob farms, and late-game functionality for Beyond the Mob Farm™. Modpackers rejoice: Almost all functionality in the mod is also configurable or disableable!


The main reason I made the mod is because I was sick of building giant mob-spawning boxes in skyblock modpacks (it was boring). However, even though the mod was made to fix that problem, that doesn't mean it's only usable for skyblock modpacks. In fact, the default mod configuration is for vanilla worlds.


A normal playthrough of Soulus will have you digging up fossils in order to collect the "essence" of creatures past, then use that essence to spawn real creatures. When you're first starting out, you'll have to stay very close to your Summoner to spawn the creatures, and spawning will take ages. However, over time, as you progress through the mod, you’ll discover new technologies for increasing the speed and usability of your Summoners. Late-game Soulus is about using the creatures you spawn to automate crafting, and eventually compress their souls into the fuel for a kind of beacon which will allow your Summoners to function without your presence.



Q: Will Soulus be back-ported to older versions?

Q: No mobs are spawning! Help!!

See Creatures Config


Q: I enabled mobs, but they aren't dropping anything! Help!!!

See Creatures Config


Q: Will you add X?
Depends on if I like the idea. I'm pretty open to them. If I don't like an idea, probably not. Probably worth suggesting regardless though. =) Please suggest on the Github