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Soul EXP Mod

Updated way to get EXP in Minecraft and better use of Rotten Flesh and other items.

Give more utility to items like Rotten Flesh, Bones, Gunpowder, and Ender Pearls.


Warning: Forge 1.18.2 version 40.1.0 is recommended as it may not load the mod.


The mod adds a generator of New XP bottles (These EXP bottles generate higher EXP orbs), It also adds new items that are souls of some mobs


Recipes and Items

The mod allows you to melt these elements in the oven.

Each Soul has an EXP level:


Zombie Soul: It is used to craft the EXP Z bottle (it is the bottle that generates less EXP, but better than the Vanilla Experience bottle)


Skeleton Soul: Used to craft the EXP S bottle (Better than the Zombie one)

Creeper Soul: Used to craft the EXP C bottle (Better than Skeleton's)

Soul of Enderman: Used to craft the bottle of EXP E (It is the one that generates the most EXP)


EXP Generator

It works by placing in the corresponding slot: Gold, Empty Bottles and Any of the Souls of Mobs.

Pressing "Generate" starts the elaboration of the new bottles of Experience


 When killing any Entity, there is a small chance that the entity will drop an EXP Orb, which will give you many EXP Levels.

You can use this in your modpack, just make sure you give credit. If possible, please link to this forum post.


- Textures and models created by ALe96LN

- sound edited by ALe96LN


Sample of how the mod works: