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Filename sophisticatedbackpacks-1.18.1-
Uploaded by P3pp3rF1y
Uploaded Feb 7, 2022
Game Version 1.18.1   +1
Size 1.45 MB
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MD5 fef6f13a4eb8338263bcdb13c208365e
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!There's a lot of refactoring in this version. Things were tested but there could be smaller bugs related to it here and there please let me know of any github/discord are the best.

New German translation (Thanks Wizqok) Updated Chinese translation (Thanks PigeonNian) Updated description of restock and deposit upgrades to have sneak instead of shift when people have sneak bound to a different key Added configs that allow specifying base and per looting level of chance for backpacks to drop from mobs that spawn with them Added a bit of nerf possibility to allowing giving players slowness if they have max than an allowed number of backpacks in their inventory. Turned off by default in config and there are also some additional configurations possible for the allowed number of backpacks and how much slower player gets once they have more than that value.

Fixed y height at which backpack enhanced with everlasting upgrade will start floating up from void. Used to be y = 1 now it's properly set to new level in 1.18 y = -63. Fixed memory slots to not allow memorized backpacks to be clicked in when inception upgrade gets removed. Fixed open backpack keybind to properly work with mouse buttons as well. Fixed backpack tooltip to not show FE for backpack with inception upgrade if it doesn't have battery upgrade anywhere in itself or the subbackpacks. Fixed incorrect nesting of config values that got introduced with blasting/smoking upgrades. Fixed filter upgrade code to respect filter settings even when it's in a subbackpack of backpack with inception upgrade. Fixed display of on/off status of upgrades in backpack tooltip view.

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