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Somnia Awoken


Somnia Awoken is a Minecraft mod that simulates the world while you sleep. It is a port/rewrite of the mod Somnia, which was initially released in 2011.

Getting started

All information is available on Somnia's wiki.

How it works

Insead of skipping the night, the world is sped up while you're asleep. You can now sleep at any time, as long as you have enough fatigue, which you gain passively over time. Be careful though - letting it build up might have negative side effects.

Highlighted Features

  • Works properly on servers
  • Custom wake time selection
  • High configurability
  • Option of vanilla sleep
  • Adds potions to modify fatigue gain rate
  • ...and more!

Issues / Feature Requests
Please post all issues and feature requests on the issue tracker.


The original author of the mod is MALfunction84, who released it in 2011. Original thread here.

In around 2014, kingrunes ported the mod to newer minecraft versions 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7. Their thread is available via the Wayback machine.