Solar Generation

168,668 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 23, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

First look

This mod allows you to generate FE from the sun. I kindly ask you to report all the bugs you find on the GitHub page, perhaps even with some improvement to the code.

SolarGeneration for 1.12.2 will no longer be updated, except in the case of bugs that compromise the game.

Ingots necessary for recipes:
nuggetSteel, nuggetLead, nuggetInvar, nuggetElectrum, nuggetSignalum, nuggetEnderium, nuggetLumium, nuggetPlatinum


Solar Panel energy production

Leadstone Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 1 FE/t

Transfer: 2 FE/t

Capacity: 1.000 FE

Hardened Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 8 FE/t

Transfer: 16 FE/t

Capacity: 8.000 FE

Redstone Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 64 FE/t

Transfer: 128 FE/t

Capacity: 64.000 FE

Signalum Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 512 FE/t

Transfer: 1.024 FE/t

Capacity: 512.000 FE

Resonant Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 4.096 FE/t

Transfer: 8.192 FE/t

Capacity: 4.096.000 FE

Advanced Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 32.768 FE/t

Transfer: 65.536 FE/t

Capacity: 32.768.000 FE

Ultimate Solar Panel/Solar Helmet

Generation: 262.144 FE/t

Transfer: 524.288 FE/t

Capacity: 262.144.000 FE


Feel free to use this mod on your modpack


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