Generates villages in Cold Taiga and Ice Plains biomes, like in Minecraft Bedrock edition or MCPE. These villages will be made from spruce wood to match the ones that generate in Taiga biomes.


Cold Taiga village  Ice Plains village  Plains near spikes


Example seed: -5638883984584737216

Co-ordinates: x = -4472, z = 2104

Co-ordinates: x = -3368, z = 2200

Co-ordinates: x = -4872, z = 2200


This mod is extremely light-weight and useful for Vanilla+ modpacks.  It is not designed to be a replacement for Mo Villages (https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/mo-villages) - if you require many more villages and configuration, Mo Villages would be a better choice for your modpack.


You are free to include this mod in modpacks, and I welcome PMs or discussion in the comments below.