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Snowballing was made for Curseforge Winterjam 2022



Make Snowball Piles!

  • Right-click with a shovel to make snowball piles from layers.
  • Crouch with a snowball in-hand to place snowballs back into a pile.
  • Right-click, with an empty hand or tool, on a pile to take a snowball from the pile.
  • Use silktouch to pickup whole piles!

Chill Others With a Well-aimed Snowball!

  • Getting hit by a snowball causes a stacking 'Snowballed' debuff that could lead to painful freezing!
  • Villagers could freeze you when it's time for a snowball fight!

That's cold!

Win Snowball Fights!

  • The villagers are looking for a little fun! They might even be willing to reward you if you do well!
  • Landing hits means you are doing better and getting hit means you are doing worse.
  • Rewards scale with how good you do! They may give you emeralds, shovels, and even the Snow Sling!

Launch Snowballs with the Snow Sling!

  • Throw snowballs with enough force to knock your opponents back!
  • Try the Multishot Enchantment!

Snow Sling in action

New ways to build with snow!

  • Snowball Bricks and Snow Bricks to complement all your snowball forts and castles.

Snow Blocks