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 1.14+: Requires Kiwi

1.18: Back up your world because ALL modded block tile data from 1.17 are wiped in 1.18!


This is a simple tweak mod which can enrich behavior of vanilla snow layer.


With this mod you can:

  • Place snow and fence/wall/tallgrass in the same block!
  • Snow layer will fall like sand. If it touches water source, it will become ice!
  • Snow layer will accumulate during snow storm!
  • Snow layer will have thinner bounding box like Bedrock edition!
  • Reduce fall damage on snow!
  • Make snow always replaceable by other block!
  • Make snow never melt (disabled by default)
  • Make snow fall on ice (disabled by default)
  • And more!

All features can be disabled in config.


>> Fabric Edition


1.14~1.15: It is recommended to install MixinBootstrap to enable full features

1.14~1.15: There is some lighting incompatibility with shaders, set Shaders > Old Lighting: ON to fix this


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