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McHorse has abandoned this mod, and now I will continue his legacy by managing the mod. If you want to add something, feel free to do so on the GitHub repository and join McHorse’s Discord server so we can communicate for official releases with your changes.

S&B is a Minecraft mod that allows you to import custom animated models (using skeletal animations) Minecraft using a Blender exporter add-on (it supports both 2.7* and 2.8+). Check out McHorse’s Discord server to ask questions or learn more about the mod.


Q: What version is this mod for?
A: This mod works only for 1.12.2. It works best in conjunction with McHorse’s mods ecosystem. It definitely requires the dependencies Metamorph and McLib mods to work.

Q: Why should I use this mod in the first place?
A: This amazing mod gives you the ability to not only import custom models, but also import their rigs and your own animations. You can select default animations for actions like running or idle. See this page for full list of supported actions.

Q: How do I import my models?
A: First you should learn about the general process of importing models into the mods of McHorse.

You will need to use McHorse’s custom BOBJ exporter add-on for Blender. Download it here.

After you exported your model correctly you will need to place the model folder in .minecraft/config/snb/models/.

Then there are some important things to note:

  • At the moment S&B doesn’t support MTL files, so you would have to manually separate the meshes according to materials (i.e. for every textured material there should be a separate mesh). However, there are Blender addons that can merge different materials into one like this one.
  • The fps in Blender should be set to a whole number e.g. 60 instead of Blender’s default 60.0 (if you won’t then all animations will be very very very slow).
  • Model armature (skeletons) bones should be set in Euler XYZ rotation mode in the pose mode.
  • S&B can only animate one rig at a time.
  • Armature bones must have all bones with 0 roll (and 0 or 180 degrees for head bone).
  • At the moment, only bezier, linear and constant interpolations are supported.
  • Only simple deformations are supported, so no target to bones or other Blender options, meshes must use only Armature deform modifier.
  • You need an additional JSON file configuration that defines the head bone, the item slots (to which bone main and offhand items should be attached and what transformations they have), the meshes configuration, i.e. default texture and shading parameters… Here is the S&B’s JSON documentation.
  • Only FK (forward kinematics) is supported. IK and other pose bone modifiers and constraints will be ignored.
  • The mesh must be directly parented to an armature for it to be exported to Minecraft.

Tutorials will come when I find some time…

In the meantime, here is a tutorial stream by McHorse