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This mod adds one item: The Smartphone. Craft it with glass, iron, and redstone, and let Steve enter the 21st century! Use the phone to play games, listen to music, and chat with villagers.


The latest update brings the mod to Minecraft 1.19.4!


The 1.1 update (for both 1.15 and 1.16) adds three new apps:

* The Wallpaper app, which allows the player to customize their phone background by taking photos and drawing

* The Map app, which shows a map of the surroundings

* The Message app, which allows players to communicate via their phone


The 1.2 update brings a new app to the phone (as well as add functionality to some of the other apps). The new app, called 'For Reddit App' lets the player browse the Minecraft subreddit on their smartphone!


Here is a video showing the For Reddit App:


Here is a video showing the features in the 1.1 version:


Here is a video review by CrazeLarious:


Here is the original video showcasing the mod: