Ray's Dongles

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Filename Ray's Dongles-2.0.5.jar
Uploaded by RayzoRay
Uploaded Dec 18, 2019
Game Version 1.15.1
Size 726.45 KB
Downloads 33
MD5 a215ece07776621197db6fa61c7f2ee3
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions


This build is marked as Alpha. Majorly un-tested, please report any bugs you find that aren't listed below.


Hammers and Excavators do NOT highlight all 9 blocks, they only highlight the one you are looking at

My ores do NOT spawn around the world, so you can't find any of my currently added ores for crafting any armor, tools, etc Fixed in 2.05.a

My Wild Crop still does NOT spawn around the world. I am working on figuring this out, in the mean time, the mod is mostly use-able Fixed in 3.0.0

Update checker is not working. This is intended. I didn't bother fixing this yet for 1.15 until I have a stable release Fixed in 3.0.0

These are all known issues I am already aware of. They will be fixed sometime in the future when Forge becomes more stable for 1.15.x, and I have more free time. For now, this is just an alpha release for testing purposes. However all blocks and other items, that don't rely on my custom ores, should work perfectly fine in survival mode. Everything should work as intended now in 3.0.0, except the bugs not crossed off above.